Of Making Many Books there is no end, and Much Study is a Weariness to the Flesh.

C F Goldie, Artist

This is one of the paintings in our collection. It was made in New Zealand in 1900.
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This painting is the first work that was acquired for the Sarjeant Gallery's permanent collection.

The Wanganui Arts and Crafts society was founded on 1 July 1901 and their first exhibition opened on 21 November 1901. This exhibition included works by artists such as C.N. Worsley, C.F. Goldie, G.P. Nerli and C. Blomfield. On 11 December 1901 the society decided to purchase this painting from the exhibition, using funds from the profits of the exhibition. They paid £12 10s for the work with the intention that it would be the first step taken to establish a permanent art collection for Whanganui.

An image of what looks like another version of the same painting (perhaps a preparatory study? or the painting in progress) was published in the supplement to the Auckland Weekly News, 19 October 1900, on page 007, see
Image 510 x 609 mm
Frame 865 x 955 x 70 mm
oil on canvas
Portrait of an older gentleman with balding head and beard seated in a study or library with a book shelf behind him. He is wearing academic robes and his gaze is downcast. Subject was thought to be Rev.Dr John Kinder, Remuera, but this is not substantiated. It is unlikely Kinder would have been depicted in academic robes without the clergy collar, also his beard was considerably longer and much whiter in 1900 when the work was painted. Requires further research.
Credit Line
Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Gift of the Wanganui Arts and Crafts Society, 1901.
Collection Type
Permanent collection
Acquisition Date
11 Dec 1901



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