Bust of Henry Sarjeant

Raffaello Romanelli, Artist

This is one of the sculptures in our collection. It was made in Florence, Tuscany, Italy in 1922.
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"The Sarjeant Gallery is a mainstay of the artistic community that not only inspires but holds the artistic ether to the Whanganui area. An atmosphere that also attracts artists to the area from around the country/globe. Would that be the case without the foundation, legacy and permanency provided by the Gallery? Leaving a legacy is the difference between being a tourist and being a citizen. Raffaello Romanelli (1856-1928) was commissioned to carve this bust of Henry Sarjeant over a hundred years ago. His studio in Piazza Santo Spirito, a former church, is still to this day a sculpture studio and gallery, with Raffaello's portraiture legacy being continued by his great-great-grandchildren."
- Jamie Ross, for 'My Choice' exhibition series, May 2022
730 x 520 mm including base
carved marble
Head and shoulder of a gentleman wearing a double breasted jacket and tie. He has a moustache and beard and hair parted down the centre. He is looking towards the right of the viewer. The base of the work is separate to the bust.
Credit Line
Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Commissioned by Mr and Mrs J.A. Neame for the Gallery, 1922.
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Permanent collection
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