William Reed, Artist

This is one of the paintings in our collection. It was made in 1946. The place where it was made is unknown.
About the Work
'The Guadalcanal Campaign was fought between Allied and Japanese forces on Guadalcanal Island and surrounding islands, which make up part of the Solomon Islands. The Campaign lasted from 7 August 1942 to 9 February 1943. It was the first major campaign by the Allies against the Japanese in the Pacific theatre of the Second World War. The allied aim was to halt the Japanese advance through the Pacific and Japanese use of the Solomon Islands to block supply and communication routes between the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Fierce battles took place on land, sea and in the air, with numerous casualties on both sides. Eventually, after a string of defeats over the six-month long campaign, the Japanese retreated from Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands, marking a turning point in the Pacific war.'
- from Jessica Caldwell, Advisor, New Zealand Defence Force 'The Guadalcanal Campaign'.
Image 445 x 521mm
Frame 675 x 880mm
mixed media on unstretched canvas
Painting on canvas depicting two Solomon Islander figures in the lower right corner wearing gold jewellery. Behind them are boxes/crates containing the remains of ammunition, rusted drums lying on their side, and a ruined landscape of broken palm trees which stretches into the far distance. Every single one of the palm trees has been violently snapped or blasted away leaving only the jagged base of each trunk behind.
Credit Line
Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Purchased, 1978.
Collection Type
Permanent collection
Acquisition Date
11 Sep 1978


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