Safe [flymo]

Mary Macpherson, Artist

This is one of the photographs in our collection. It was made in New Zealand in 1987.
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I knew of Mary Macpherson's work as a poet before I discovered her photography. It makes me laugh that this is from a series entitled Safe because whenever I see a Flymo I’m taken right back to a flat I lived in at Wellington’s Aro Valley. It was a very cute cottage with a massive sloping front lawn that we were supposed to mow with the terrifyingly old and rusty 1980s electric Flymo whose bright orange cable looked tenuous at best. It lived under the house and I think it was only unearthed once over three years so the lawn became what I like to think of as a romantic meadow instead. I love the colour tones here, the juxtaposition of the natural green grass and the strange orange and brown machine whose initial design was influenced by, of all things, a Hovercraft.
-Kiran Dass, writer and critic, for the May 2021 instalment of the My Choice exhibition series.

MacPherson explains the series as: the words are taken from magazine articles and advertisements that use references to nature to sell products, and the photographs are concerned with objects that promise human immortality - rather as advertising does. The words and pictures function as parallel texts but viewers are free to bring their own associations to the words/picture mix.
This record represents a work in a portfolio and has related works.
Image 184 x 178 mm
Support 370 x 322mm
colour photograph printed on Kodak Ektacolour Plus negative paper by a Laserwriter and archivally mounted
Colour photograph of a red Flymo lawynmower on a green lawn of unmown grass. The top of the handle is not visible
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Collection of Sarjeant Gallery, Te Whare o Rehua, Whanganui. Purchased, 1988
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Permanent collection
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