Remains of Hatrick's Wharf 8/5/2009

Andrew Ross, Artist

This is one of the photographs in our collection. It was made in Whanganui Region, New Zealand in 2009.
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This image shows what remains today of the dry dock constructed by Alexander Hatrick (b.1857, d.1918). Hatrick was a shipowner, entrepreneur, and tourism operator as well as the Mayor of Whanganui from 1897-1904. From 1892 Hatrick ran tourist services up and down the Whanganui River in conjunction with the mail, passenger and cargo service he was already operating. This dry dock was located along the Whanganui East riverbank near the base of Georgetti Road.
To see the wharf in use circa 1880s visit
- Jennifer Taylor Moore, Curator of Collections for 'On the Move. Modes of Transport from the Collection, Aug - Sep 2021

"Andrew Ross’s photographs remember the forgotten. In his work he resembles one of those socially marginal figures scouring rubbish dumps, finding a value in the things everyone else has thrown away. Ironically, in the sustainability project such figures may yet become cultural heroes. Ross’s geiger-counter is tuned for crud and he habitually haunts abandoned and neglected habitats, his images registering these often melancholy spaces, still suffused with human presence.
Forgetting may be more a casual process than remembering, but often it may have just as much point and be pursued with equal determination. This can range from the darkly psychological to the plainly material – the current enthusiasm for domesticup-grading and the popularity of garden make-overs are just aspects of this latter. Improvements have their downside, and while the lifestyle magazines gleam with the new the planet groans with the increasing burden of the discarded. The shiny wrapper conceals some grim contents indeed.
Personally, Ross may be disquieted by this, but his work isn’t merely a protest against it. It’s a richer compost of human history and habitation that suggests more than just waste"
- Peter Ireland in catalogue accompanying the exhibition "Round & About Wanganui: 72 Photographic Studies by Andrew Ross". Published by Sarjeant Art Gallery in 2010. Pg 3.
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Image 190 x 245 mm
Frame 450 x 485mm
silver gelatin contact print on gold toned printing out paper
Sepia toned monochrome image of the Whanganui River edge with piles in the muddy edge, tree at the right, and the cityscape on the opposite riverbank.
Credit Line
Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Tylee Residency exchange, 2010.
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Permanent collection
Acquisition Date
Dec 2010



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