[Exercise Book - 1908-1913]

Vivian Smith, Author

This is one of the books in our collection. It was made in 1908-1913. The place where it was made is unknown.
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This record represents an archive item and has related works.
230 x 180 x 24mm
Notebook with a black cover containing three loose manuscripts:

a) The notebook contains handwritten notes, sketches and newspaper clippings regarding design and construction techniques. Headings include: Design (dated January 1913); Wall papers; Drop patterns; Types of pattern repeats; Linen Damasks (table cloths etc); Tapestry; Division of wall; Stencilling; Trace; Textiles; Stained glass; Stained glass design; Glazes and glazing; Ingredients for glazes; Painting on cloth; Painting on textiles; Ticket […]ting (dated April 1913); Sign writing; Illumination; Practical gilding; Personal ideas (dated 30 January 1913); Sculpture (dated Jan 31 1913); Pottery; Modern brick making; The nature of clay; China painting; Lithography; Casting; Colour printing; Mural painting; Scene painting; Painting; Wax painting; Drapery; Concrete.

Further notes have been made at the rear of the book. Topics covered include: Sizes for rattan repeats (dated 3/6/08); Egyptian history (notes in this section are dated 22 January 1912, 29 February, 7 March 1912); Egyptian architecture (possibly dated 1913?).

b) Newspaper clipping. Page 17 of The Dominion dated Wednesday 6 July 1927, which includes an article on painting brickwork.

c) Printed manuscript. The heading reads: Absentee and Late List. To be handed by the Monitor to the Class Teacher.

d) Handwritten note beginning: Dear Mr Glendinning. The note (possibly an unfinished letter) regards pottery clay.
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Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Gift of Lilian Smith.
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19 Aug 1983



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