[Exercise Book - Italian Art History]

Vivian Smith, Author

This is one of the books in our collection. It was made in 1909-1910. The place where it was made is unknown.
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227 x 185 x 15mm
a) Notebook with a black cover containing notes on the history of Italian art. Subjects covered include: geographical distribution of Italian painting; Nicola Pisano; Giotto’s predecessors; Giotto; Masaccio’s frescos; Donatello; Benedetto da Maiano; Painting in the first half of the 15th Century; Symbols of the Evangelists.

Some of the entries are dated as follows: 16 December 1909, 20 January 1910, 27 January 1910, 3 February 1910, 24 February 1910; and 14 April 1910.

b) Manuscript, beginning: The Formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The document contains notes on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and its members as well as the Florentine or Tuscan school of painting, Giotto, Fra Angelico, Bennozzo Gozzoli, Fra Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Verrocchio, and Perugino. Undated.
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Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Gift of Lilian Smith.
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19 Aug 1983



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