Slip test 1 long cylinder

Ann Verdcourt, Artist

This is one of the ceramic artworks in our collection. The place and date where it was made are unknown.
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Object Detail

175 x 57 diameter mm
clay ceramic
Long ceramic cylinder with different coloured slip test stripes running from front to back. Written on front "Slip tests with white tine glaze 'slab' clay with white grog (unsure on this word) oil fired 1280°". Each stripe has a number cut into the clay. Solid white stripe running across the bottom of the object with thinner white stripes running across the whole surface. Clay is beige in colour. Written on a sicker which came with object is "Oil fired slipware 1280°".
Credit Line
Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Gift of the artist
Collection Type
Study Material
Acquisition Date
1990s-2000s Decade



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