Letter from Harry Collier to Edith Collier 13/01/1916.

Harry Collier, Author

This is one of the letters in our collection. It was made in 13 Jan 1916. The place where it was made is unknown.
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St Johns Hill

Dear Edith,
[illegible] sure I had a big dissapointment [sic] – it was a fair dingkum [sic] crusher and I hung on simply because it couldnt make any difference making a palaver about everything. The Chief Post-master was responsible for the whole affair in not signing certain papers which left me in a hole I could’nt fix up in time. I know you will be horribly dissappointed [sic].
I did the next best thing immediately by joining the Aviation School at Auckland. Apparently there are great numbers going to the [illegible, location?]. Home authorities don’t wish to have men unless having some certificate to show he knows something about flying – so I’m after the certificate. Messrs Walsh Bros run a school in Auckland now + send Home pupils. He told me he could give one to me in two to three mths time providing I’m not a mug which I sincerely hope I’m not. I went + looked at the machines + thought them alright – [illegible] the boss offered to take me up the following day – it was windy, he wouldnt go out.
When I wrote you last I was enjoying camp life I had a very fine lot of chaps for mates + am now sorry to have left them through the bungle – but there’s always a silver lining who knows but it will turn out alright. The school commences the first week in February which isnt far off – the sooner the better its a great game of patience.
Edith you are most entertaining – your letters are first class natural ones you dont seem to have to stop to think – coming with writing letters; I’m sure the task is solid writing to all your correspondents.
Coming from Auckland last Monday I visited the Waitoma [sic] Caves. I considerit a most fortunate stroke of luck. It easily beat all my conceptions of from what I had been told of them. You must see the caves Edith they are really so beautiful, I wont attempt to describe – the only way to take in the beauty of them is to see them. Rotorua is a fine place + striking in its way but this – it is different. Rotorua is’nt wonderful from an [illegible] view – the caves are beautifully artistic I reckon now I had’nt seen what beauty was until the having seen the caves.
I received a letter from Poppie, I should’nt have told you, I have’nt any [illegible, sense?]. Poppie is an interesting friend and consequently I write friendly letters. Consequences, depend on circumstances. Brings to me the old danger flag “Keep cool under all circumstances” That saying Edith was annoying to you once upon a time, but I didnt propose it this time for any such purpose. I shd be most glad to be always cool [illegible, wouldn’t you?]. I wish you all the luck possible at your exams, but by the time you receive this you will have had them over. I believe you are [illegible, some?] of the stuff that excels. I am glad to hear Billy Spear is doing well, send along my good wishes Ed. Its an awful business right enough [crossed out] being in love we can sympathise but not understand eh! Ed?
I expect you think I’ve written quite enough nonsense + I’m getting to the end of my tether heaps of love
your loving brother
Harry x x x
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258 x 202mm
ink on paper
Letter from Harry Collier to Edith Collier 13/01/1916. Written single sided on four sheets of unlined paper.
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Collection of The Edith Collier Trust, in the permanent care of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui.
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Circa 1985



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