Airmail letter to Edith Collier from her cousin Fannie Collier. Post mark 24 October 1948.

Unknown, Author

This is one of the letters in our collection. It was made in Oct 1948. The place where it was made is unknown.
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To: Miss E Collier
St John’s Hill
New Zealand
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144 Moss Lane

Human nature isn’t ready for these grand schemes yet, and a country as poor as ours cant afford it. But a Socialist Government has to learn.
I’ve just had a letter from B. saying they’ve been approved a house in a village 3 miles out of Oxford. The house is very ugly in front and charming at the back, with a good garden. It has two stair cases (it will belong to the days when [servents?] had a staircase to themselves I suppose) and I could have a slice of house to myself – They are in great turmoil about it – I am interested to know what they will do. You will come and stay with me if war doesn’t break out, wont you? Oxford is so near to London we would have a great time.
I saw Betty & Sylvia in London and was amused at the way the younger generation do things. They are sharing with another girl one of the finest rooms I’ve ever seen. It was the ballroom in an old Georgian house; it is beautifully proportioned with big windows a [illeg.] floor and a wonderful ceiling. It is beautifully furnished – each girl has a divan covered with an elegant spread. Their kitchen is a tiny conservatory over the street, they share a bathroom with other people. It costs 7 guineas a week! [Illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] but as they are all earning good wages and three of them are sharing, I suppose it isn’t too bad. It is certainly a staggering sight! My mind went back to your attics and I [illeg.] about the rise in the standard of living. They are dear girls; full of enterprise and enjoying themselves immensely. It is a great pleasure to see such strong bonny girls. Aunt Ada’s affairs aren’t finished up yet, the legal business it is so very slow. [illeg.] got £1850 for [illeg.] with which she is very pleased. Did I tell you Aunt Marianne made Aunt Ada promise to leave Voia [?] the house? Of course she needs the money, she has [illeg.] Stan’s [illeg.] the payments finish in 3 years. All her share of Uncle Armond’s money was sunk in Stan’s farm. I shall be interested to hear whether you all like Princess Margaret; she is very popular here. She is very natural an charming. My love to all of you
(written around the periphery of the letter)
We’ve got Michael ill. The whooping cough left him with bronchitis and [illeg.] of the stomach and he cant [illeg.] [illeg.] [illeg.] He is as jolly as a sand boy in spite of constant sickness. He is [illeg.] [illeg.] is thin as a rake. I don’t [know ?] if he will go to school this winter.
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248 x 208mm
biro on paper
Airmail letter to Edith Collier from her cousin Fannie Collier. Post mark 24 October 1948. Written double sided on an airmail letter.
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Collection of The Edith Collier Trust, in the permanent care of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui.
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Circa 1985



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