Letter to Edith Collier from her friend Minna Russell undated.

Minna Russell, Author

This is one of the letters in our collection. The place and date where it was made are unknown.
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Rodrigo Road
S Kilbirnie
Dear Edith
We have just come home from Church & I am going to write a few lines to you before going to bed. Olive said in one of her letters that you had started a letter to me but I have not received it yet.
I’m glad you managed to see so much of Muriel what a lovely long holiday she had didn’t she? & how they will miss her now she gone. It is so nice to be in Wellington again, & is lovely & cool here, I’m staying until the other girls come home now I think they will be home on Friday of this week.
There are only four of us here, we are going out for the day together tomorrow to the Karori reservoir I think, it is a lovely place. We went for a walk there once in the winter time, but it will be nicer now. Did I tell you we all come out here to tea on our way South.
You seem to have been to Kai-iwi beach quite a lot lately. I brought my bathing clothes with me, & went to Lyall bay for a bathe last Thursday but it was very cold & we were quite glad to get our clothes on again. I went to St John’s bible class this afternoon, it was just lovely. I was glad afterwards there were two girls there from the J.J & I was invited to a class picnic tomorrow, but we are going somewhere else. Katie will be able to go with me next Sunday I expect.
How is our class getting along? I supose [suppose] you are going every Sunday now. There will be a short half for supper then I will resume this letter.
Did you go to see Ethel’s wedding? Olive said it was very pretty.
I stayed one night at Christchurch & liked it better than I expected, but it was so very hot. How nice it would be if you could motor down while I am here. Next time you come you must visit Kilbirnie. What fun it will be when they all come home at the end of the week. We are talking of sleeping out on the verandah some night. Do you remember when we wanted to sleep on a hay stack? I’m sure I could not fill another page. They look as if they would

(Scrawled at the top left of letter)

like me to stop, so as they can go to bed & I want to write to Olive yet. I’ll tell you all the news when I come home, which will not be this week. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. With love to all, from your friend
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259 x 204mm
ink on paper
Letter to Edith Collier from her friend Minna Russell undated. Written double sided on one sheet of lined paper.
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Collection of The Edith Collier Trust, in the permanent care of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui.
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Circa 1985



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