Letter to Edith Collier from her friend Minna Russell dated July 27th.

Minna Russell, Author;  Olive Russell, Author; 

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July 27
I think it must be months since I last wrote to you & it takes so long for you to get the letter when it is sent.
I was in Wellington when I got your letter about a month ago, it was nice to get the primroses all the way from Ireland. Our spring flowers are coming out now. There are plenty of jonquils & snowflakes & some yellow daffodils too. Also the cherry plum trees are beginning to blossom.
I wonder if you are still in Ireland it seems a long time now since you went away. I suppose because there have been so many changes lately.
Mother had a litter from Emily to-day [today]. She is still up at Raitihi but has been for a nice holiday down south lately. Lothian [?] has been home for a fortnight & has gone back to Wellington again. Norman & a friend came up from Palmerston while he was here so we had a housefull [houseful] again. Both Norman & Vernon have enlisted, but have not gone into camp yet, they canonly take a certain number of men to train at a time.
We saw quite a lot of Harry while Lothian was home, he stayed here two nights, & went to Robinsons one evening with us, also he went to the Orchestra concert with Lothian, Olive & me & Ciana [?] Robinson. It was a lovely concert, of course most of the performers have changed since you were here.
Your mother will have told you that Mary Davey is married, the wedding was a fortnight ago to-morrow [tomorrow], they had a lovely afternoon & the sun shone in the little church at Gonville. It is a pretty church & was decorated nicely, Mary looked a very sweet bride, two of her sisters were bridesmaids & looked very nice too. Mary made her own wedding cake & had it iced, there were six clergymen at the wedding counting the bridegroom. They are to live at the Upper Hutt, the Vicarage is at Trenthan [?] where the men were camped.
Mary & Mrs Stratford have been to Auckland & are back again in Wanganui for a day or two. I went down there to-day [today]. They have some lovely presents, & a picture of the Angelus given by the Bible Class.
They have such a lot of girls at class now. I think you would hardly know one of them. I know very few considering I was there last year. Lilian Bruce takes the [illeg.] class at St Paul’s now.
All the Hoopers are married, I wonder if you know.
Ernest Finlayson who went with the first lot of men who went from here to Egypt is back in N.Z for a few weeks, he came with the wounded men & has been doing ambulance work at a hospital in Egypt, he goes back next week, he hoped to pay a visit to Wanganui but does not think there will be time now. Theo Perry, Olive’s brother, went with the ambulance over too, & has been killed. Olive is staying with an Uncle & Aunt in Melbourne just now, they want her to make her home with them.
I have not been to your home for weeks, but have been in Wellington for five weeks & only home a fortnight, I hope to go over some night soon.
Dolly gave me a frame for your photo last time she was over. She comes to the top of the hill with me when I am going home from your place & comes over to see me when I have been away like you used to
They often talk of you coming home. Are you doing any knitting? I suppose you have learnt to knit like everyone else. One night in Wellington, Lothian finished an eye bandage for one of the girls & was quite proud of it. In some of the schools the boys & girls are all knitting.
Alison & Lopsy Stewart are growing up. Alison will be nineteen this year, it is nice for us to have them to go out with. I’m sure you will notice a great difference in Thea, she is so like you Edith, & gets up early to practice like you did too.
I’m sure you are sorry you have not practiced the cello much while you have been away, but you can always do it still can’t you. It’s getting rather late so I must stop writing. Mother sends her love, she has just said good-night. I have seen Rene [?] & your Aunt Ada several times, but not to talk to. I expect you wished in a way you could come home too. I suppose you are sketching or painting something while I am thinking of going to bed.
Yes, as you say we are getting on, hope its in the right direction for us both. With a lot of love from your friend Minnie.
Now I’ve written it seems almost as long as a paper. Olive has just said it will be nice to have her home again won’t it?

Sprawed on the very top after letter was written:

Dear Edith,
I have asked Minna if I can put something at the top of her page & she says “if it is not too silly” so I will have to be very careful & just send my love along in this envelope. So I hope you receive it all right. I went to see Mrs Parkes [?] on Friday & she looked well & bright & talked about you as usual. When are you coming home. We will all be old & grey if you are not quick, those of us who are married love from your friend in law
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259 x 203mm
ink on paper
Letter to Edith Collier from her friend Minna Russell dated July 27th. Written single sided on four sheets of lined paper. Additional letter at top of sheet 1 from Olive Russell.
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Collection of The Edith Collier Trust, in the permanent care of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui.
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Circa 1985



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