Letter to Edith Collier from brother Harry, June 28 1916

Harry Collier, Author

This is one of the letters in our collection. It was made in 28 Jun 1916. The place where it was made is unknown.
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Dear Edith,

As I haven’t written you for some time I’m going to bust by writing. The first query which you will naturally ask me Edith is “How’s flying” I am doing very well so far, and shd. [should] have had my ticket now but the show here doesn’t push matters quick. That is to say that the owners of the school are self-satisfied people and if it wasn’t for that I shd [should] have been on my way home.
There is just now a kind of a mix up with the partners in the business one has to sell out or give the management over to some one else more capable – the question is being decided today & I hope that the Walsh’s are out of it – because they haven’t an idea of business [illeg.] & consequently are awfully slow as well. Just lately the weather has been the absolutely limit nearly three weeks – of course we can do nothing . – to while the time away I am learning wireless it helps a chap from thinking to [too] much & cursing as well - cause delay is a curse. I feel better for doing the wireless work & hope to be proficient enough when I arrive at Home. It is a matter of practice & I get plenty of time to practice. I have handled a machine now – the pilot though sitting alongside of me but without the pilot touching anything. If we have a spell of weather we shd [should] be fit in a fortnight for our tickets easy. Lets Pray Edith between us that the weather may keep fine. I believe we are getting nearer now to getting away and my hopes are being raised.
Rene told me about a month ago that Elliot Spegs was coming back she will be in a dither by now. Rene is looking very well, herself just as she usually is.
I hope Reg meet’s you at Home it will be fine to meet him. you will not recognise him hardly – he is such a big fellow, it seems quite funny to say that about a younger brother that he is big – by the time Reg gets home I believe he will weigh 14 stone queer isn’t it for so young a chap and he isnt flabby either but strong.
The last message I gave Reg was that I would meet him in England that is easily arranged somehow if I get Home soon enough. Soon enough is the draw-back. If we three have a day together it will be something like may Ah Lord Help us to have the day Well I haven’t very much to say Edith & wonder if you got an Auckland Weekly – I’m the flying school picture & was gripping a shovel in front of the machine – I moved at the time
from your loving brother
Bubs xxxX
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210 x 295mm
black and white photocopy on paper
Photocopy of a 3 page letter to Edith Collier from her brother Harry, dated June 28th 1916. The address was added Aviation Sch [School], Kohimarama. The letter is handwritten pen on paper. In the letter Harry states that flying is going well but there are some problems within the business side of the school. He is struggling with the bad weather they are experiencing in the region but is using the time to practice wireless work.
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Collection of The Edith Collier Trust, in the permanent care of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui.
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Circa 1985



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