The Crystal Chain Gang

We are Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams, and we collaborate under the moniker of the 'Crystal Chain Gang'. Our gang name came about with the realisation of our laborious and time consuming glasswork process. We liken it to being on the chain gang - very repetitious and at times very unrewarding. The material we process on this chain gang is lead crystal, and it is this crystal that we passionately transform into our jewels. We are very committed to our gang here in our headquarters in Martinborough, New Zealand, and dream of world domination while wearing beautiful hand embroidered patched jackets covered with lots of birds and lavish flowers (which of course we wouldn’t wear in Whanganui but will proudly stroll down the avenue in Whanganui). But alas at present we are the sole members and our only prospect (our son Willie) is more interested in the Phoenix Football gang. We relish the idea of recruitment into this strange process world of glass making - the more the merrier.

We have been collaborating together making glass works since 2002. Leanne has the fine arts background in painting, while Jim is the glassmaker and technical problem solver. We have different skills that compliment our practice and make it into a dynamic form. We make objects that are sometimes art pieces, sometimes craft, sometimes design, sometimes good, sometimes not so. But most of all we make glass objects that are unique, stir memory, are excessive, exotic and speak of a sense of place - this is something we always try to do.

Welcome aboard - we hope you enjoy the ride.


Works by this Artist