Eugen Von Blaas

Eugen von Blaas (1843-1931) was born in Albano Laziale near Rome, where he trained under his father, the Austrian history painter Karl von Blaas (1815-1894), who taught at the fine arts academy in Venice. He definitively settled in Venice after his marriage in 1867 and achieved there a reasonable success. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, Grafton Gallery and New gallery between 1875 and 1892. 25 July 2012.

Eugen von Blaas, also known as de Blaas, was born at Albano, near Rome to Austrian parents. He came from an artistic family - he was taught by his father Karl de Blaas and his brother became Professor at the Academy in Vienna and Venice, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was in Venice that Eugen established himself as a leading painter of Venetian genre. Known for his highly polished technique, he depicted sentimental Venetian life. These were scenes which particularly appealed to the great number of English visitors to Venice. Artistic fashions of the late nineteenth century were more inclined towards the depiction of people, as opposed to an earlier popularity of landscape and panoramic scenes.
- Sarjeant Gallery exhibition label circa 1990s
b.1843, d.1931
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