John Armstrong Neame

Mr J Armstrong Neame was Assistant Master Wanganui Collegiate 1906 - 1920

Mrs Neame (previously Sarjeant) was an enthusiastic member of the Arts and Crafts Society and after Mr Sarjeant's death and her remarriage to Mr J.A. Neame, a master at the Wanganui Collegiate School, she contributed greatly to the building up of the Gallery collection by purchases overseas. The bust of Henry Sarjeant by Romanelli was presented by her.
Sarjeant Gallery Catalogue of Pictures and Works of Art, (1959).
"Mrs Neame and I are going to Italy again for the winter and shall take steps to acquire the plaster casts for which the Borough Council gave us instructions. And we shall continue to collect posters of art design and workmanship to make an exhibition worthy of the Sarjeant Gallery.You will be relieved to hear that we are not in any way taken with the ultra modern schools of Cubism and similar cults."
- from a letter to the Wanganui Borough Council from Mr J. Armstrong Neame, September, 1920.
b.1866, d.1952
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