Santi Corsi

Not much is known about this artist who was born in 1871 in Italy. They are known for their paintings of the interior of the Palazzo Pitti Palace in Florence. In 2013 a self portrait of the artist was sold at auction and in this image the artist appears to be a woman (see In other writings about the artist they are generally referred to as a male.
- JTM, 2021

Italian artist Santi Corsi is a regular here [at the Pitti Palace, Florence]. His workshop at 9 quai Lungarno Serristori is a quarter of an hour's walk away. He specializes in painting the rooms that make up the Palatine Gallery, leaving an exceptional testimony to the masterpieces collected over the centuries by the Medici family and the House of Habsbourg-Lorraine. Santi Corsi chooses a subject steeped in history. , 2021
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