Royal Bayreuth

"The Royal Bayreuth factory has been the world's unparalleled leader in the production of porcelain for over 200 years. As the oldest Bavarian china firm under private ownership, the Royal Bayreuth factory still stands like a fortress on a hill in the little village of Tettau. It is located in the Thuringian Hills, adjacent to what at one time was known as the East German border. Royal Bayreuth is recognized today, as it has been for two centuries, as Germany's finest producer of quality porcelain. Though delicate to the touch, it's durability makes it last for hundreds of years.

Founded in 1794, Royal Bayreuth has survived a number of troublesome events, including the Napoleonic-Franco Prussian turmoil, two World Wars, numerous changes in management and ownership, and the great fire of 1897 which destroyed a number of important records and molds.

The factory had its roots planted in 1792, when Alexander von Humboldt, an expert German geologist, was appointed by the king to research a possible factory site. The king desired a porcelain factory in the Thuringia province, and commanded von Humboldt to find the ideal location and personnel.

After a lengthy study, von Humboldt reported to the king that Tettau should be the site of the factory and recommended that Johann Schmidt and Wilhelm Grenier be awarded the permit. By 1794, the factor was open for business. Anytime you see the Royal Bayreuth logo, you will see 1794 as the official date of commencement operations.

Dinnerware, dining accessories, coffee and tea sets have been the company's main product line through the years. Just as fascinating are the wide number of collector items that the factory has produced. Included among these are many interesting pieces such as: figurals, rose tapestry, scenic pieces, and unique novelties like the SunBonnet Babies.

Today, if you have the opportunity to visit the Royal Bayreuth factory, you will witness for yourself the history, craftsmanship, and genius that makes this porcelain so interesting
For an extensive history of Royal Bayreuth, consult Mary McCaslin's Royal Bayreuth, Book 1. "

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