Robyn Kahukiwa

obyn Kahukiwa, Ngati Porou, was born 1938 in Australia - but conceived in Aotearoa. She and her family returned to New Zealand in 1959.

Since her first exhibition in Wellington in 1971, Robyn has created a significant body of paintings, along with prints, drawing and sculpture.

In the words of her colleagues, Robyn 'paved the way' for her generation of Māori artists. Her work celebrates controversial socio-cultural issues that are central to the Māori experience in New Zealand but are equally relevant to indigenous peoples elsewhere in the world.

Her exhibition, Wahine Toa:Women in Māori myth, toured by the Art Gallery Directors' Council in 1984, was the most significant touring exhibition by a Māori artist to date.

She has works in all major public galleries in New Zealand and internationally. In 2005 Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd published The Art of Robyn Kahukiwa.

In September 2011, Robyn Kahukiwa received the Te Tohu Toi Ke award from Te Waka Toi, the Māori arm of Creative New Zealand. This was an acknowledgement that she had 'made a difference' in New Zealand and beyond. Robyn's distinctive style was 'an affirmation of the mana of Māori art' in Te Waka Toi's words.
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