Charles Hay-Campbell

Born Edinburgh, Scotland; educated at Linton House School, and at London University. Studied at St John's Wood Art School and Westminster Art School and was a Fine Art Scholar with Slade School of Art under Legros in 1886; awarded scholarship and prize 1892. Was art master at Bradfield College, Berkshire 1899–1915. Emigrated to New Zealand 1915 and was Art Master at Wanganui Collegiate School 1915–30; member of Wanganui Arts and Crafts Society 1916–36, President 1931–35. He exhibited in group exhibitions Wanganui, Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch: had one-man shows in Wellington. Died in Wanganui. Work included in Centennial Ex Wtn 1940. Represented: Sarjeant.

From: Nineteenth Century New Zealand Artists: A Guide & Handbook
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Additional notes:
Educated at Linton House School and London University. Was a contributor to Tinsleys Magazine (illustrations) London. A Member of the Royal Drawing Society, England.

Charles Hay Campbell's great grandson - Jeremy Hay-Campbell (London) visited the Sarjeant in Decemeber 2011. He was very interested in the two portraits we had specifically because he has seen little of his portrait work and there are none in the family collection, indicating that they are perhaps more rare and may have been specifically commissioned or may be the result of close relationships with the sitters.
b.1867, d.1936


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