Fanny Dunleavy

Frances Fanny Dunleavy (known as Fanny) was born 1860 in Whanganui, the daughter of Caroline Danderson and John Dunleavy. John was a police sarjeant in Whanganui, then built the Whanganui Hotel and became a publican there. Caroline came over to NZ as a servant from the Devonport Area in Plymouth, UK. Her mother Catherine and brother John followed.
Fanny had two sisters Ellen (b.1859, d.1930) and Catherine also known as Katherine(b.1860, d.1929).
The sisters travelled around New Zealand a bit and probably sketched during their travels. They did drawings, Fanny wrote poetry and exhibited her artworks.
While Ellen was in hospital Fanny died in 1929 in Whanganui. Two months after Fanny died Ellen sold everthying including their artworks. Ellen died shortly afterwards in 1930. None of the sisters married.
b.1860, d.1929


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