Pamella Annsouth

Pamella enjoys a wide variety of creative disciplines. Modelling, sculpting, slabwork, wheelwork, life drawing and painting are all part of her repertoire. She has executed many commissioned portraits over the 35 years she's been working with clay.
Pamella sat Fine Art Prelim at Hutt Valley high school. In her final year she painted a large mural on Maori Mythology for the Entrance Hall. It was here she was introduced to the medium of clay. Pamella enjoys using it as a means of self-expression.
"Inspiration, often springs from the courage to play with one's medium. Pushing and developing it to a point when it looks back at you and claims it's own 'voice'. That's such an exciting thing!"
Home for Pamella is on a high sand hill overlooking the Waikanae River, beach and Kapiti Island, where she shares a large studio and adjoining showroom with her artist husband, Mirek Smisek.


Works by this Artist