Ex Libris Labore - Fieri Facias (cause to be made) from the Book of Labour

Megan Jenkinson, Artist

This is one of the photographs in our collection. It was made in 1989. The place where it was made is unknown.
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“I enjoy the way that she uses collage to play with the intersection between different mediums. This particular work caught my attention through the way she is able to transform the primitive rock forms.” – Zahra Killeen-Chance, ‘My Choice’ October 2021
Image 568 x 990mm
Frame 655 x 1080mm
cibachrome print on paper with glass etching
From the Book of Labour. Photographic collage with a central image of an open book, behind which is a background image of a demolition/construction site. On the left page of the book is an image of a pyramid of various coloured rocks, on the right is a stone arch comprised of different coloured stone blocks. To the left and right of the book image is a collaged photograph of a green rock in a diamond shape. Below the two diamond shaped rocks is a printed title 'NATURA NATURATA' (at left) and 'NATURA NATURANS' (at right). The glazing has etched text above the image and also below the image, which throws a shadow onto the surface of the matboard within the frame: 'FIERI FACIAS' (top centre) and 'EX LIBRIS LABORE' (lower centre).
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Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Purchased, 1991
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Permanent collection
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