Coral Garden Cultured Pearls

Warren Viscoe, Artist

This is one of the sculptures in our collection. It was made in Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand in 1994.
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" In the last decade Viscoes love of transformation, inversion and relocation has been embodied in multi-part installations that are laden, lateral, and densely argued. The compression of narrative in the suggests poetry more readily than sculpture, and none achieve greater compression than 'Down among the Deadmen' and 'Coral Gardens/ Cultured Pearls'. Like 'The Pink and White Bathers', both these installations reclaim and resurrect a ubmerged history - namely, the violence of World War II and the recent nuclear test - but one need not know this to yield the strangeness of Viscoes transformations. Together, the form Viscoe's most beautiful and mysterious evocation of the Pacific seascape.
Nothing is only itslef in these installations. We face a forst of gouged wood forms which seem to have been bleached into Saline purity. Salt appears again in "Coral Gardens/Cultured Pearls" in large blocks and long metal troughs. Viscoe describes salt as 'an ocean with and without, our Garden of Eden'. We are made from it and we return to it, and this installation witnesses and celebrates the basic alchemny of that process. Salt shakers are clustered on the floor. Enamel cups hang from a coral gateway. Tall fish-shaped mirrors hold your reflection as you stabd in the gallery, merging the metaphors of sea and fish and body on one silver surface. And we see, amidst all of these changes, that the artist's role is a ritual one, tranforming the landscape into a kind of alterpiece." Justin Paton in 'Warren Viscoe Life and Limb' pub 2000 by Sarjeant Gallery . pg 44
2050 x 120mm
carved and painted wood with found items, wall mounted mirror
Mixed media sculptural installation
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Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Purchased, 1998
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Permanent collection
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03 Dec 1998



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