Distant submarine

Brit Bunkley, Artist

This is one of the digital images in our collection. It was made in Whanganui, Whanganui Region, New Zealand in 2009.
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Frame 825 x 1040mm
lambda print on paper
“Distant Submarine”, a 3D model of a nuclear submarine “mapped” with a Landsat image of the Western Australian desert. This work is selected from a new series of mine which consists of images and videos created with 3D models of iconic architectonic structures and modes of transportation. The 3D models are mapped with satellite photographs of various parts of the Earth and photorealistically lighted with global illumination. (The word “mapping” means wrapping an image onto the surface of 3D virtual objects. Global illumination is a virtual lighting effect that mimics real world lighting.) Others works in this new series include The Simpson’s nuclear factory, Ivan the Terrible’s St. Basil Cathedral, and other iconic structures - all mapped with Landsats photographs. The content of these new artworks is not only socio-political, but also formal. Visual tension is created by adding an uncanny juxtaposition between the complex flat manipulated images and iconic 3d forms with abrupt scale incongruencies.

Originally motivated by the need to accurately visualize potential public art commissions in the early 90’s; the artist now also utilizes both physical and digital media in many forms ranging from video installation to 3D prints.
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Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui. Purchased, 2009
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Permanent collection
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