Letter from Edith Collier to Eliza Collier June 30th.

Edith Collier, Author

This is one of the letters in our collection. The place and date where it was made are unknown.
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June 20
5 Leimister Sq
W. 2
Dear mother.
Just received a letter from you were [where] you want all details about Harry. Well I think I told you all he has made plenty of friends he seems to be a favourite I think. The times I was out with him his friends kept rushing up to him & seemed very pleased to see him. He worked very hard at Reading they had to go [illeg.] to work, it was a bit after, he had a bad cold at first, we were having a lot of snow & rain when he landed, but he soon got over it. I saw him last Sunday week for a short time & he looked very well & he has got on very well with his flying I am looking forward to his leave. I hear from him every week & reg too, if they don’t write they send a p.c [postcard] I often hear from Hal & Jim & of course I write often to them. If Reg wants anything he just asks Harry [illeg.] he is only a few hours away. It is good that Reg is in the artillery it is not nearly as dangerous as the infantry, the loss of life is not so heavy now - now that the British have such good guns. Harry didnt have time to go to Aunt [illeg.] anyhow they are in Wales. I am sorry they didn’t take him to Aunt Ada’s I told him to go next time for certain.
Harry thinks I am just the same, a trip to England doesn’t alter one, although my friends in NZ seem to think so, [illeg.] a [illeg.] & so fourth, I write about 6 letters a week & then am done. You may be sure I’ll do all I can for your boys I did all I could for Hal when he was over, we were quite pals & I think he is a very manly sort of boy. Jim seems to think he might be over soon anyhow he says he is alright has a good time. They all tell me I have handsome brothers & ought to be proud of them they are not bad are they? You seem to be a small family just now scattered on various farms & 3 of us over here, never mind we will all be home soon.
I think the NZ gov is dotty, why skim the country so of men – sent more than any country in proportion of population & a farming country at that & then conscription is carried is a bit off they try to keep up too large a number the asses. Why London is teaming with men not in uniform, & now that America is in & 1000’s of Irish doing nothing. Mrs Aiken has been in to see me this morning so I had to stop writing she looks very well I have just this moment got a field p.c [postcard] from Reg & he is doing well & writing soon Had a letter from Harry very thrilled with his flying he will be very good at the [illeg.] got a cool head on him. I believe hundreds of girls wait outside the grounds for the flyers they are [illeg.] but of course the men like them. Harry has a friend up there & he often on Sundays goes to his home, he is a nice looking sort of man. I tell Bubs he has to stick to N.Z girls.
I suppose lots of NZ’s have returned with their pick of wives lots of mothers will be sorry that their boys [even?] left NZ Some of the NZ boys are so young. NZ always go about in groups 4 or 5 together people often [illeg.] sometimes about 12 or so. There is a lot of NZ’s in London just now, Harry says he gets leave soon when he gets his wings. Pova [?] Peltyer is married to a farmer I believe Philip Collier is to be married soon to a nice girl.
Some papers have come for Harry. H- likes Auckland Weeklys No letters have come for Hal lately I suppose Aunty sends them to him direct now she has his address by now, it was lucky she sent them to me as he says he got [illeg.] although he knew they wrote but now his address is France so he wont be moving unless he gets with Jim or Reg. I really meant to have written to Auntie [Evelyn?] but was [illeg.] so please let her know this. Love to all Aunties & Grandma from your loving daughter Edith
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Yes I am sure this group of flyers looks nice they seemed a jolly lot I met them when they first arrived & saw them [illeg.] at Paddington, they are all separated now but hear from each other, they were altogether at Reading I thought H- could beat them in looks, they all call him Waldo not Harry I have my name at the Records Office for Reg so they let you know how Reg is, he will come through alright Sending him a parcel again from Sally spent 7/10 of his sundry I’m afraid [illeg.] this time
Love from Edith
Yes I keep Reg posted up in news, he likes to hear all about Harry & his days
July 4th
Just heard from Reg again today, he has cut his [illeg.] hand & is in the hospital for a few days, he says it isn’t much or he would have been sent over here. He will let me know in a day or two how he is getting
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202 x 132mm
pencil on paper
Letter from Edith Collier to Eliza Collier June 30th. Written single sided in pencil on ten lined sheets.
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Collection of The Edith Collier Trust, in the permanent care of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui.
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Circa 1985



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