Robert McLeod

Educated:Glasgow School of Art, 1965 – 1969.
Diploma of Art, Drawing and Painting.

Jordanhill College of Education, 1970.
Diploma of Teaching.

Work in the collections of
Te Papa, Wellington
Pataka Museum of Art and Cultures, Porirua.
The Auckland City Art Gallery, Auckland
The Robert McDougall Gallery, Christchurch
The Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui
Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North.
Dowse Art Gallery, Lower Hutt.
The Bath House, Rotorua.
Victoria University, Wellington.
Wellington College of Education, Wellington.
Christchurch College of Education, Christchurch.
Christchurch Institute of Technology, Christchurch.
James Wallace Collection, Auckland.
The Real Art Roadshow.

2005 Runner up Prize, Wallace Art Awards
2004 Jury Prize, Wallace Art Awards.
1998 Lillian Ida-Smith Award for Painting.
1981 QEII Arts Council Grant.
1978 Rotorua Art Award.
1977 QEII Arts Council Grant.

Selected Solo exhibitions
2011 Bath Street Gallery, Auckland. The Three Graces Struggle with the Goochi Handbag.
2011 Paulnache at the Art Fair, Auckland. Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide.
2009 Paulnache, Gisborne. Small Men, Imposters, Imperialists and Banshees.
2009 Beatty Gallery, Sydney, Australia. Imperialists, Impostors, Banshees and Small Stories.
2008 Bath Street Gallery, Auckland. Great moments in the History of Painting.
2008 The Pencil Gallery, Gisborne. The Not Poussin Paintings.
2008 Campbell Grant Gallery, Christchurch. Pages From The DMB.
2007 Dunedin Public Art Gallery. No Stop, No Pause, No Fast Forward.
2006 Edmiston Duke Gallery, Auckland. Giving Colour to Mister Serious and Other Works.
2006 Expressions Arts Centre, Upper Hutt The Rob McLeod Show (Mickey Paintings)
2006 Eastern Southland Gallery, Gore. No stop, No Pause, No Fast Forward.
2005 Judith Anderson Gallery, Hawkes Bay. Paintings,1995 to 2005.
2005 Southland Museum and Art Gallery, Invercargill. No Stop, No Pause, No Fast forward.
2005 The Pencil Gallery, Gisborne. To Mickey.
2005 Campbell Grant Gallery, Christchurch. Large Paintings.
2005 Edmiston Duke Gallery, Auckland. Talking About Art and Other Small Paintings.
2004 Bowen Galleries, Wellington. True Kiwi Content and Puppet Games.
2004 Campbell Grant Gallery, Christchurch. Thin Culture and Other Paintings.
2003 Judith Anderson Gallery, Auckland. Pointless Political Piece and Other Paintings.
2002 Pataka Museum, Porirua. A Long Way Home: Three Decades Of Painting.
2002 Ashburton Art Gallery, Ashburton. Meet Mutant Mickey.
2002 Bowen Galleries, Wellington. Small Mickey Paintings.
2001 Judith Anderson Gallery, Auckland. Meet Rapunzel, Mutant Mickey, Joseph and Other Large Paintings.
2001 Bowen Galleries, Wellington. Meet Mutant Mickey.
2000 Campbell Grant Gallery, Christchurch. Small Shelf Paintings.
2000 University of Canterbury, Fine Arts Gallery. Large Shelf Paintings.
1999 Bowen Galleries, Wellington. Paintings Large and Small.
1998 Judith Anderson Gallery. Auckland. Paintings.
1998 Campbell Grant Gallery, Christchurch. New Works.
1997 Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui. The Objects, the Game and the Life: a Survey
Show, 1972-97.
1997 Bowen Galleries, Wellington. The Doctor’s Dog, Visitors, Dead Cowboys and other Paintings.
1996 Bowen Galleries, Wellington. Small Paintings.
1996 Hawkes Bay Exhibition Centre. Shaped Paintings.
1995 Bowen Galleries, Wellington. Paintings.
1994 New Work Studio, Wellington. New Works.
1993 Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland. Minimalist Paintings 1981- 1982.
1993 New Work Studio, Wellington. Small Shaped Paintings.
1991 Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland. Large Drawings.
1991 Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland. Shaped Paintings.
1991 CSA Gallery, Christchurch. High School Exercise Drawings.
1990 Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland. Domestic Flavours Paintings, Two Large Floor Works and High School Exercise Drawings.
1990 Gregory Flint Gallery, Wellington. New and Old Paintings.
1989 Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington. Domestic Flavours Paintings.
1988 Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington. Small Paintings1972-82.
1987 Artis Gallery, Auckland. Buchanan Paintings.
1986 Artis Gallery, Auckland. Paintings and Drawings (Shaped Minimalist Paintings. Lanark Drawings).
1985 Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington. Lanark Drawings.
1985 Red Metro Gallery, Auckland. Lanark Drawings.
1985 Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt. Paintings and Drawings (Shaped Minimalist Paintings, Lanark Drawings).
1984 Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington. Stiff Jumble Paintngs.
1983 Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington. Lanark Drawings.
1981 City Art Gallery, Wellington. Paintings and Drawing, 1972-81.
1981 Petar James Gallery, Auckland. Minimalist Paintings.
1980 Petar James Gallery, Auckland. Splatter Paintings.
1979 Elva Bett Gallery, Wellington. Splatter Paintings.
1979 Petar James Gallery, Auckland. Splatter Paintings.
1978 Elva Bett Gallery, Wellington. Splatter Paintings.
1977 Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth. Paintings 1974-77.
1977 Peter Webb Galleries, Auckland. Grids.
1977 Elva Bett Gallery, Wellington. Grids and Tartans.
1974 Antipodes Gallery, Wellington. Paintings.

Selected Group Shows
2011 Merkland, Adam Art Gallery, Victroria University Wellington. Behind Closed Doors.
2010 Group Show, Paulanche, Gisborne. paper$money.
2008 Paulanche, Gisborne. 2 Degrees: An Exhibition of Association within NZ Art.
2005 Wallace Art Award. Touring Exhibition.
2004 Wallace Art Award. Touring exhibition.
2004 Pataka Museum of Art and Cultures (touring). Representation and Reality.
2000 Pataka Museum of Art and Cultures. Think Colour.
2000 Te Papa. Collectors Choice.
1997 Page 90, Porirua. Common Ground: 10 Male Artists.
1997 Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North. More than a Floor.
1995 Wellington City Art Gallery. Local Colour.
1994 Wellington City Arts Festival. Strange New Land.
1990 CSA Gallery, Christchurch. Hogging the Floor.
1987 Wellington City Art Gallery. Off the Wall.
1987 Wellington City Art Gallery. Drawing Analogies.
1986 National Art Gallery, Shed 11, Wellington. Content/Context.
1985 Stephen Mori Gallery, Sydney. Perspecta.
1978 Dowse Art Gallery, Lower Hutt. Three Painters.
1976 Auckland City Art Gallery, Auckland. New Zealand Drawing.
1976. Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North. Four Wellington Artists.
1975 Barrington Gallery, Auckland. Figurative Art Now.
1973 New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington. Eight Young Artists.

Artist Residencies
2006 Mataura Licensing Trust 50th Anniversary Inaugural Artist In Residence .

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Works by this Artist