Cobi Cockburn, Artist

This is one of the painting assemblages in our collection. It was made in Whanganui Region, New Zealand in 2011.
About the Work
"On the surface it’s a formal and abstract study in black and white that speaks of presence and absence, but spend more time with it and it literally takes your breath away. The work is a response to the Whanganui River and like many artists who have preceded her at Tylee Cottage, the river was a powerful source of inspiration. Like Anne Noble whose beautiful 1981 series of black and white photographs captured the river on film, Cobi makes a similarly atmospheric response. She captures the river, its darkness and deepness as well as its light and she takes us there with her. Although this work directly references the river, it’s also a conversation with the interior world of memory, spirit and pulse."
Greg Donson Tylee Residency exhibition text " The long black veil." 2012.

"Cobi Cockburn is a glass artist whose work reflects her journey through the world, first in response to the country around Canberra and more recently the Shoalhaven district. It is her personal response to the landscape in which she lives (as opposed to a larger environmental message) which drives her to continue to push herself with a medium not typically used for landscape.Cockburn's working methods of fusing, slumping, rolling, hot forming and cold working glass demonstrate clear connections from one piece of work to the next. Central to her motivation is the desire to create works of subtlety and grace.

Cockburn's working methods demonstrate clear connections from one piece to the next, yet each piece is a self-contained process in itself. A self-confessed addict of her 'book' (her journal), Cockburn says that when she reviews her collection of journals, she can trace progress and a sense of continuous narrative. But she feels, on the whole, that her work is evolving more as a natural process as she herself develops both as an artist and a person. Each piece has its own essence, or presence, and comes together with others as collections which reflect part of the greater experience. Central to her motivation is the desire to create works of subtlety and grace, pieces that will stand for themselves but not shout at the viewer." Karen Finch. Artlink magazine volume 28 no. 2, 2008. Accessed 2 October 2012 from http://www.artlink.com.au/articles/3107/cobi-cockburn/
The 5 panels measure 850 x 1135 x 5 mm each
hot-worked, kiln-formed cane and cold-worked glass
Row of 5 glass panels comprised of fused canes of glass. They have a horizontal band of dark glass moving through the panels that represent the Whanganui River - darkness and light on the water.
Credit Line
Collection of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua. Purchased, 2012.
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Permanent collection
Acquisition Date
Mar 2012


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